6 February 2014

(PEESA) Project

Overall objective(s): To ensure that the African partner universities have advanced curricula for Energy Efficiency according to the European quality standards for engineering education

Specific objective(s):

• To develop a methodology for engineering curriculum design based on the alignment of EU quality Standards with national educational standards requirements to structure of programmes and graduates’ competences by October, 2013.

• To develop/update a master engineering programme at CPUT, NUST, VUT, TUT according to EU quality requirements by May, 2014

• To implement the master engineering programme at CPUT, NUST, VUT and TUT by September, 2014

• To develop and implement a "train the trainer" online programme on master/PhD level for preparation of future teachers

• development/updating and implementing of a quality assurance system aligned to EU quality standards


Estimated results


- New master programme on Energy Efficiency

- Guideline on engineering programme design

- Curriculum and syllabus development

- Engineering faculty training

- Evaluation of programmes against EUR-ACE Standards

- Project Quality Monitoring

- Dissemination of project results (among them two African and one international conference)

- Implementation and promotion of programmes at 4 African technical universities


Main activities


- Workshop on European and national standards alignment

- Prepare the draft of Guidelines on engineering programme design

- Finalise the Guidelines on engineering programme design

- Curricula design of selected programmes at CPUT, NUST, VUT, TUT

- Workshop on developed curricula

- Prepare syllabi, teaching materials, handbooks etc. for selected programmes at CPUT, NUST, VUT, TUT

- Conference for approval of developed programmes

- Engineering faculty training workshops at CPUT, NUST, VUT, TUT

- Evaluation of programmes by peers against EU quality Standards

- Annual project monitoring reports

- Quality standard meeting of project board and Edu-Link representatives

- Maintain and run project Web-site

- Final Dissemination Conference