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ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation)

ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation) was founded on 8 February 2006, at the end of the first EUR-ACE® project, by 14 European Associations concerned with engineering education (ENAEE Statutes).

It stemmed from ESOEPE, the “European Standing Observatory for the Engineering Profession and Education”, that had been established on 9 September 2000 with the purposes of:

a) building confidence in systems of accreditation of engineering degree programmes within Europe

b) facilitating exchange of information

c) developing voluntary agreements on accreditation of engineering educational programmes and recognition of engineering qualifications and

d) the development of standards for competency requirements of graduate engineers.

Members of ENAEE are agencies and professional organisations with an interest in the education and formation of engineering professionals.

ENAEE is the European body responsible for awarding authorisation to accreditation agencies to award the EUR-ACE® label at first and second cycle to engineering programmes which they have accredited.